Journey from home network to small business network

The client had four computers and three phones. Initially we set them up with cloud based email accounts and used one of their existing PC’s as a server to run their line of business (LoB) application.   They moved into an office and as they grew the shared storage became a problem area, as they were relying on one machine to share files and run their LoB application. We started talking about the installation of a new server but the costs were far too prohibitive at this point as they were still growing quite rapidly.     As an in-between step we set them up with a NAS that could serve files and relieve pressure off the PC sharing the LoB app. This bought time to allow them to consolidate their growth and plan where they wanted their business to grow.     After moving office again to accommodate more staff, (up to 15+ at this point) we revisited the idea of installing a new server. In the process they were thinking of installing in a new hybrid (VoIP and PSTN) phone system and two new multifunction units.     By installing a new server in conjunction with a phone system they now have a completely unified communications platform for voice and email. They have dedicated file sharing, active directory for user authentication, internal email (removing the cost of cloud based email) for approximately 35 devices, two new LoB applications all in a central location with a disaster recovery plan in place.     We manage their entire infrastructure as a single point of call for all print, scan, fax, voice and computer functions. They are able to focus on running their business and knowing the backbone on which it is built is managed and administered with their best interests in mind.  

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