A growing corporate network

Business had grown to the point where RAM and storage had been upgraded to the maximum across the application server and email server. The clients remote access server and backup server where still very underutilised. Their servers had also reached the end of their lifecycle, were no longer covered by warranty and had started to have random issues with Blue Screening and shutting down. The cost of downtime to investigate these issues was too great due to being an 18-20 hour per day business. We devised a plan to supply new servers using industry leading virtualisation technology from VMWare to deliver high availability across a redundant network. Then using a small window on a Sunday whilst they were closed; we were able to convert their 4 existing physical virtual servers into 4 virtual servers with greater resources than their physical counter parts. This allowed us to relieve the pain of slow response when running reports, accessing shared files, sending emails etc and removed the random shutdowns caused by faulting hardware. Slowly over the course of three months, we were able to migrate all their functionality from the Server 2003 infrastructure onto Server 2012 R2 with even more resources to improve day to day efficiency and remove down time completely. From the client’s point of view the end result was outstanding. A monthly profit and loss report used to take almost four minutes to generate on the old physical servers, since the new infrastructure, it now takes less than 30 seconds.

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